Within Quicken, how is the basis of an investment account calculated

I noted that in certain accounts, the basis of the account started to fluctuate as of 03/17/2020.
How does Quicken determine basis since the cash (equivalents) plus stock + mutual funds should be constant and equal to the starting cash.


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    Hi @rsposner,

    Actually the calculation is a little more complicated for many investments.  Here's Quicken's description of "cost basis" of an investment:
    • The cost basis equals the total cost to you of a security you purchased. It includes commissions, fees, and mutual fund loads. It also includes all purchases, even reinvestments of dividends and capital gains distributions. However, it excludes the cost of any shares you've sold or given away. Also, it is reduced in a return-of-capital transaction.

    If you believe that your basis is fluctuating and there have been no transactions that would affect your cost basis, I suggest that you identify the specific investments and then   I would suggest that you use the "Portfolio Value and Cost Basis" report for the period in question and set the interval to "week".  This should help you to identify specific securities where there are issues.  You can then review the transactions for those securities within the specific week(s).

    Feel free to get back with follow-up questions. Let us know how this goes.


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