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One account with two operating systems (Windows-me, Mac-wife)

My wife and I are interested in managing our home finances with Quicken by creating a single/joint account. However, I use a Windows PC and she uses a Mac. Does this mean we have to buy two separate subscriptions? Ideally, the license would allow us to buy one annual subscription for both of our computers despite having two different operating systems.

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  • splasher
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    No, under subscription Quicken (2018+), you get access to both Win and Mac versions and can install it on as many computers as you want, the only caveat is that they will all use the same Quicken Id, so that mean no real privacy amongst the folks you share your subscription with.
    Another issue is that the Win and Mac versions do NOT have compatible data files, so you can not use the same data file in both.  One of you could use remote access software to access the Quicken installed on the other's computer and control it from your computer which is probably the best way to deal with this.
    An option is your wife runs a Windows emulator on her Mac, runs Quicken for Windows and you copy the the data file back and forth between the computers as one of you wants to work on it.  Keeping the data file on a network server/shared file area is not supported due to possible data file corruption.
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  • Oscar101
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    Our solution: Use Microsoft Remote Desktop (MRD) on Mac to connect to the Windows machine running Quicken. MRD is a free download in the app store, and it works.

    What we really do: Get a modest PC that runs headless (*) whose sole purpose is running Quicken. Then use your MRD on your individual machines (choose your flavor) to connect to the Quicken PC. Yes, only one person at a time and a new connection will bump an existing connection. QDFs go to a small attached FileCopy and a cloud backup service. (The Quicken PC has business data on it; backups are much less expensive than losing that data, all things considered.)

    (*) headless = Our Quicken PC (modest Core i5, 8G, mirrored HDD) handles MRD on my iMac better when there is a physical monitor plugged in; without it, Windows apparently lacks a reference point for display resolution in macOS MRD. macOS MRD still works, it just works better when the PC hardware (Dell) sees a tube at boot time. In my case, the 2nd (external) display for the iMac also provides a physical display connection for the Quicken PC.


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