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New Quicken quick pay feature not showing Comcast Xfinity next payment

The Comcast Xfinity web site clearly shows the next payment due, however, in the Bills & Income screen it is listed as "Awaiting Next Bill". The next payment is due in 9 days. How can I get it to show up as it should?


  • dmihde
    dmihde Member
    never mind, The bill was already paid but... is the only way to see that to look through the checking register? There is no other indication that it was already paid in the bill & income list?
  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod


    Hello, thank you for reaching out. There are a few different scenarios to consider and it will depend on how the bill is set up.

    1.       Is this bill created as an Online Biller that has a Bill Reminder linked to it?

    2.       Is this bill an Online Biller without a Bill Reminder linked?

    3.       Additionally, do you pay the bill using the Quick Pay option in Bills and Reminders. Does it have a Quick Pay button associated with it in Bill Pay or does it have an Enter or Pay button?

    4.       Are you paying it from the register, selecting the Quick Pay option in the CHECK field?

    Please let me know these details so that I can be sure to answer according to your situation.

    -              Quicken Diana

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