Display only the net transfer in net Worth and Cashlow reports

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Like all of us, I have multiple asset, liability, bank, credit card and other accounts that receive, spend and hold cashflow. The balances increase from income, decrease from expenditure, and change between thempselves through disposal of assets and assumption of liabilitiers. For example, if I had income of 120,000 that went into my bank account, and I spend 100,000 on beer, the balance is 20,000 higher than it was, and that's what's happened to 120,000 of my income. Or, if I took 5000 from my bank to buy a bike, the net effect is a lower bank asset and a higher bike asset, netting to zero since no income or expenditure is involved. Or, I took 25,000 over the year from my line of credit, and paid back 20,000 of it, the line of credit liability is net 5000 higher, and I netted 5000 in cash. It's basic double entry bookkeeping.

In all cases, I want to know where my money goes, a pretty fundamental question. I want to answer the question, "What do I spend on expenses, and how do my asset and liability balances change?"

The Transfers sections of my net worth and cashflow reports display that, but twice: once for Inflows and once for Outflows. I want to display only the net transfer once, whether in or out, not both, so that I see only the n-e-t change. I do this manually on a spreadsheet, matching accounts that appear in both the INFLOWS and OUTFLOWS sections using VLOOKUP and displaying the net between them on the side that was higher. But that's clunky and time-consuming, especially as I've been running Quicken for 20 years and have a lot of accounts to match (not counting the ones that only appear once in either In or Out). I've played with all available variants of displaying transfers*, and tried deselecting Categories or Accounts for the transfer accounts. No dice.

In short, I want another option under the Advanced tab: "Display net transfer amount only." Surely this is easy to program?

*Include all, Exclude all, Exclude self-transfers, Exclude internal
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