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Credit Card Account missing 19 days of transactions

I recently discovered that i'm missing some data in my Chase credit card account. I was able to track it down to transactions between Jan. 3 and Jan. 22nd. I went to my Chase online site, created an export (.QFX file) from their site from the Feb.statement that the missing transactions were from.

However, when I try to import the file into my local Quicken Premier application, I'm not able to open the .QFX file. I've also tried to open the file via my PC Downloads folder as Quicken Windows, and it doesn't open either.

Is there a documented way of fixing my problem? I created a temp. Chase file that I'm trying to upload the QFX file to and will then copy the missing transactions to my Chase account. I also read that Quicken will try to authenticate with my Chase credentials as it uploads the account? How would I accomplish that, when I already have my usual Chase account that I've setup for online download.

Thanks, Mark

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  • Mark Bowman
    Mark Bowman Member ✭✭
    Thanks Chris and Sherlock,
    The key was Deactivating my current Chase account. Once I did that I was able to to File>File Import>Web Connect (.QFX) File... and the I had the ability to choose my import file and I loaded the data into my temp account. I then did a cut/paste of the missing transactions into my Chase account. After I Re-Activated the download for the existing Chase account, everything is as it should be.

    Thanks again!!
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