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Portland General Electric Biller not Updating Amount Due

My monthly bill from Portland General Electric has quit working.

I validated all of the billers. Then I removed and reentered PGE, as well as deleting and resetting up the reminder.

I get no error message, just show zero due on the due date.

All of my other bills are working fine, as far as I know.
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  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    Hello cprgolds,

    To be clear, in the Bills & Income tab, you have Portland General Electric set up as an Online Biller, and you do see the PGE logo like this, yes? In this case, Quicken is indicating that it is correctly set up.
    The Current Bill column, on the PGE row, would then show the due date and the amount due - if PGE is releasing the information to Quicken. (Just today we were discussing the issue of billers releasing, or temporarily withholding, date/amount due information to Quicken, if you'd like to read more here.)
    Or do you see the light blue Bill Reminder symbol, like this? -  
    A Bill Reminder might be set up to show an estimated amount due, which could have an estimated amount due of zero. 

    From what you have posted thus far, I cannot be sure what your exact situation is. Please post additional details so we might be better able to help you. 

    If need be, you might contact support directly for help with this.
  • cprgolds
    cprgolds Member ✭✭
    I believe it is set up correctly. It has always worked before. I looked at the link about withholding the info and maybe that is the case. Here are some screenshots. I have since put in info in manually.
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