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Have two computers. Both under Quicken. want Payee NAMES , not check #'s on both?

want payee NAMES to appear on both computers when I download,


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    If you write a check the bank doesn't know who the payee is.  They just record the check number.  Does the name show up when you log into your account on the bank's website?
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    Expanding upon @volvogirl's remark ... the bank only knows, and can therefore only download, the content of the MICR line at the bottom of your checks.
    If you require the Payee you'll need to type that into Q yourself.  The same applies to the category field.  The bank can't possibly know that either.
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    want payee NAMES to appear on both computers when I download,
    As others have mentioned - it's no different than the textual line items on your statement.  If you want to see the Payee - you will have to somehow enter that into the Quicken Register for the account.  You can do that manually, or with a Reminder - and then wait for the transaction to download, Match it, and Clear - just like keeping a paper register in a checkbook...

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