It would be extremely helpful to hide payees via a filter button to display ONLY QBM Payees

OK, following instructions I have begun the transition from Quicken Bill Pay to Quick Pay.

I must say that having the two systems intermingled (in terms of the user interface) is confusing, at least to me. But, life goes on, and everything changes . . . maybe it will keep me young.

Just to clarify some steps:

For adding the first QuickPay bill/payee, you can "add" a biller by clicking the "+ New Bill" button WHILE in the "Bills" tab.

Following that first addition, however, you must be in the Payees Tab. Thereafter the process works as expected.

Now, in the Payees tab, I see several hundred payees I have used over the past 25+ years. Most of these are currently unused, and will never be used again. It would be extremely helpful to hide these payees via a filter button that would display ONLY QuickPay and CheckPay payees.

This should not be too difficult to implement.
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  • BeauSoleilGT
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    Continental540, I assume by now you've found the answer to your feature request... if I understand your idea correctly. It already exists. You simply bring up the Payee list and click in the enabled column caption and all the payees sort by whether they are enabled or not... with all the online enabled payees grouping together at the beginning or end of that long list. Click a second time and the order reverses.