How to correct errors in validated file?

I validated my data file and the log indicated Acct_10980 had a transaction with an error in the split and the category should be corrected. I have no account with those numbers. How do I check where this is? One error was in a transaction I could find all transactions with that payee, but no transaction showed any error. How should I find this transaction? The program corrected one transaction and dated the change 04-01-2020 but gave no account and no payee. Any suggestions?


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    If you haven't already, you may want to review:
  • MemphisBBQ
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    Thanks for the link. It states Quicken may create a temporary account appearing as Temp_accounts. Would these show up under Accounts? I did have to reset my computer two weeks ago and when I reinstalled Quicken I used the Quicken 2017 I had saved on the computer and then used the Check for Update in the program. It did that but I kept getting messages Q2017 would not download after some date, so I went online and downloaded Quicken and installed it. None of this should have changed anything in the data file, but now I am having this issue. But at this time when I get into Quicken it wants me to enter my account online every time. Many thanks for our time and suggestion.
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    Somebody else had a recent discussion about long-ignored TEMP accounts and how to get rid of them. Please read this: and try the suggested solution there.

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    So many thanks for your responses to my post. I decided, right evaluation or not, that there must have been some error created in restoring my data file, so I went back two backups and restored that file, creating a copy of the data file in use. When it had completed the restoration, it asked if I wished to sync it to the cloud and I did. I think all is well.
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