How can I remove a manually entered pending transaction in my register?

If I could cancel the transaction, I think it will let me delete it. Can't find how to cancel this transaction.

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  • Thanks Rick, I did see a cancel button, but all it did was cancel the edit window. It did not cancel the transaction.
  • RickO
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    Yes, if the transaction could still be canceled, there'd be an additional button labeled "cancel payment" or something like that. This means the transaction is beyond the cancelation timeframe. You will need to contact the bank to try to cancel it.
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  • Marcls
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    See the question description.
  • moski
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    This worked for me like a charm. I couldn't find the info anywhere in the dedicated help files on the computer. It's great that we have people who know the answers here on the Forum!
  • Thank you moski, however, I don't see the fix. How do I view it?
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