Memorized Payee List Miantenance Grayed Out

No idea if this is the proper category, but here goes:

I've searched the community and seen one or two questions about this but no actual answers. Whether I have payees selected or not, the List Maintenance Options are grayed out and cannot be checked. I have Quicken version R25.21 / Build

I have just set my preference to remove any memorizied payee older than 1 month but that may only work going forward as restarting Quicken did not show any of the older ones removed.

BTW, I've been a Quicken user for over 10 years which


  • UKR
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    MPL Maintenance only works when one of the 3 listed conditions exist in your MPL and the error check has been enabled

    When setting the "remove ... older than [xx] ..." preference, make sure that the preference itself is enabled (checkmark in the box to the left).
    It takes a restart of Quicken to trigger MPL housekeeping.
    You can sort the MPL by Last Used date and see if any MPL entries older than [xx] months exist.
    How many MPL entries do you have on file? (Click Help / CTRL-click About Quicken to get the File Information window with a count of MPL entries)
    Is there any particular reason why you are working with the MPL?
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    Yes, the preference is checked. But I also had "Complete fields using previous entries" checked, which I didn't think I had checked. Could this be the reason every transaction was being memorized even though "Automatically memorize new" is not checked?

    I have all my auto pay payees entered in MPL. I have all the places I frequently shop in MPL with Zero $ locked. I have all my Direct Deposits in MPL as well.

    Always something new to learn.
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