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Customer Invoices now Showing up Under Property & Debt in Business Section



  • VLeahTVLeahT Member
    Ok, did that and rebooted. Still have the issue. I went ahead an unchecked sync from my current active file too, but that didn't resolve the issue either. When I added a new invoice account it loaded it correctly as A/R but almost immediately it was automatically grouped with Property & Debt.
  • justjoe211justjoe211 Member
    I'm also having the same issue. I have the 2020 Quicken - Home, Business & Rental Property, Ver R26.15, Build Even though I have already created a Receivables account, I have to create a new one. My receivables account is listed under the Property & Debt on the left nav.
  • orvalheadorvalhead Member
    After creating a new invoice this morning, I realized I needed to change it. Now, I can not pull up the invoice to edit or reprint, I also can not now create a new invoice, or even print a statement. What has gone wrong?
  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    edited April 26
    Hello @justjoe211 and @orvalhead

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue.

    I would start by restoring a backup.


    In the restored file, please navigate to the Mobile and Web tab, and choose the Gear located in the box icon "Accounts Enabled on Mobile & Web" and choose "Account Settings"

    Then uncheck the invoice accounts so they are not selected to sync and then choose update accounts.

    Please let me know if this fixes the issue.

    Thank you,
    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
  • justjoe211justjoe211 Member
    I have restored from a previous backup. Then re-entered my customers with the address book. I select create invoice and once again prompted to create an accounts receivable account. I follow the instructions, and once the receivables account has been create, I'm instructed to click the gear icon in the upper right for account actions. There are no actions to create an invoice at the account register level. Then I select the Business tab, then the dropdown to create Invoice, then I'm forced with "You first need to create an Invoices/Receivables account. Click OK to create it now." This is just a viscous cycle!
  • mrbluefoxmrbluefox Member
    The system recently updated, and now my customer invoices moved to Property and Debt, and when I say Create invoice is says I now need to create an Invoices/Receivables account.

    How do I get the existing Customer Invoices working again or back in the correct place?
  • LedesmaPoolsLedesmaPools Member
    I too am having this EXACT same issue and it's infuriating when you have business to handle and you can't. I've tried every single thing that was posted on this thread and to no avail it's STILL not working. I spent hours trying to figure this out thinking it was something that I was doing wrong. Low and behold, it's NOT me. We definitely need Quicken to get this issue resolved and quickly. This is holding me up from making money, as I'm sure it's doing the same for you all as well. Quicken, please get us an answer to this issue. We weren't having an issue until the most recent update. Thank you.
  • mfaulkenmfaulken Member
    Hi - after today's update my customer's account type has changed to Property and Debt and I cannot create an invoice without creating a new AR account. How do I fix this?
  • mfaulkenmfaulken Member
    I have the same issue. How do we get this fixed?
  • orvalheadorvalhead Member
    I have restored a previous file which allowed invoice functions again. Lots of work to reenter work that had gone into the program since that restore. NOW, WITHIN AN HOUR, THE RESTORED FILE IS CORUPT IN THE SAME MANOR!!! I believe the previous comments are correct, that the problem has occurred since this recent update!
  • mrbluefoxmrbluefox Member
    It has been discovered that Syncing to the Cloud corrupts the data file. Do not sync to the cloud for the time being. I did restore, problem resolved, synced, and it came back with the Client Invoices become like a regular checking account in Property and Debt. Pain in the rear!
  • mrbluefoxmrbluefox Member
    P.S. While I have disabled Customer Invoices syncing to the cloud, as suggested above, since I've re-entered data twice now, I am avoiding syncing all together.

    I have not tested a sync again it as I don't want to restore a third time.
  • acebrosacebros Member
    Same issue here. Tried restoring and it is the same. Both my invoice accounts are no longer under business/invoice section like they were now they are both under the Property & Debt section instead. This bug needs fixed.
  • VLeahTVLeahT Member
    Thanks. We are coming up on month's end and need to send out invoices!
  • Quicken FranciscoQuicken Francisco Moderator mod

    Hello @mfaulken


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. We can try this to see if we're able to get it back to where it should be. Could you right click on the account and select edit/delete account. Once here select display options. At the bottom you'll see options to re categorize the account to get them into the correct spot. 

    Please let me know if this helps you out!




    Quicken Francisco

  • mfaulkenmfaulken Member
    Hi Quicken Francisco,
    I tried this earlier and I don't remember what they were but they were consistent with an Asset account instead of an Invoice account. Since then, I restored to a previous version but as soon as Q synced it went back to an asset account. I restored again and this time I un-checked the box allowing the account to sync. and it's back to where it was as an Invoice account. I assume if I were to allow it to Sync it would revert to an Asset account again.
  • acebrosacebros Member
    Same issue here. Both my invoice accounts are no longer under business/invoice section like they were now they are both under the Property & Debt section instead. This bug needs fixed. But for now I guess I am going to disable entire sync process as suggested by mrbluefox and restore to an older uncorrupted backup. Now I have to re-enter all the data that is gone because of using old back up.
  • orvalheadorvalhead Member
    My post from earlier:

    "I have restored a previous file which allowed invoice functions again. Lots of work to reenter work that had gone into the program since that restore. NOW, WITHIN AN HOUR, THE RESTORED FILE IS CORUPT IN THE SAME MANOR!!! I believe the previous comments are correct, that the problem has occurred since this recent update!"

    Evidently, the Quicken update changed the attribute of my Invoice account from "Invoice" to "Asset". Apparently, it can not be changed back. Once I restored an earlier backup, I checked and that attribute for the Invoice account was changed back to "Invoice" account, instead of an Asset account.

    I too did a sync to the cloud and that apparently restored the old corrupt version. I have now again restored from an earlier backup, then reentered all the data from that time until now (fun). I have made a backup copy on my hard drive. It is possible that after my initial successful restore, that I should have right away done a sync to the cloud. But, when I started up Quicken again, then synced, it brought in what was there in the cloud (a corrupt version). Not quite sure on this point. Anyway, I am up and running again.
  • cwickendencwickenden Member
    Ever since the latest SW update I have been having exactly the same problem. Invoices magically moved to Property and Debt. Very frustrating. After many tries, I decided to start over, with a new Quicken file and set up the accounts first. Now when I click Create Invoice I get a dialogue box that tells me that I first have to create an Invoices Account. I do as told, often creating a Customer Invoices (2) account, then go back and click create invoice, and hit EXACTLY the same loop again. Last week's invoices were hand edited pdf files. Desperately needing help or a different accounting solution.
  • deecoysdeecoys Member
    Only thing that has worked for me with this issue is to unsync my invoice account from the cloud. So far so good, maybe once they get it fixed it can be synced again.
  • Same here, desperately needing a fix.
  • jjsmith24jjsmith24 Member ✭✭
    Same issue here
  • gnewtziegnewtzie Member
    After turning off the mobile sync... and creating a new account i can enter invoices but the existing account is still not working.

    This definitely needs fixed though.
  • dougbr213dougbr213 Member ✭✭
    Same issue here - multiple times entering data after going back to a previous backup (I backup every day and had to go back to 4/22 to get invoices back where they belong). We really need a fix for this!
  • GulfLiftsGulfLifts Member
    edited April 29
    Same issue here. [removed - no soliciting] 
  • KevinlegacyKevinlegacy Member
    The only way I am able to keep Customer Invoices and Payables under the "Invoices" and keep it from going under PROPERTY & DEBT. Is by first going to "Mobile & Web" tab, clicking on "Quicken Cloud Profile" and then turning SYNC off. Then go and create the Customer Invoice and Vendor Payable accounts. Then go to "Add or Remove accounts to sync" to make sure that your new accounts are not checked... if they are checked then uncheck them. Then go back to "Quicken Cloud Profile" and turn SYNC on. Hope that was clear as mud and helps!
  • Will they notify us on here when they have a fix for this issue?
  • dougbr213dougbr213 Member ✭✭
    They have acknowledged that they have reproduced the issue - I hope they understand how much of an issue it is and put proper importance of fixing it. More than just a pain!
  • hanshock1hanshock1 Member
    Agreement on the importance of this fix. For a small business to not get invoicing out right now is critical! It is the end of the month and bills need to be sent out. Please Quicken...get this fixed. We pay good money to use your program.
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