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Customer Invoices now Showing up Under Property & Debt in Business Section



  • aaronjschmidtaaronjschmidt Member ✭✭
    Instead of going back and restoring from a backup and then having to recreate a month's worth of work, is there any way for the Quicken team manually edit the file or the database to change the now Asset accounts back into Invoice accounts so as to not lose any data? If it helps, I'm planning to turn off Cloud sync and probably to keep it disabled.
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    I had to rebuild it from a back-up. I too turned off the cloud, for a few reasons, this incident being the biggest and the latest.

    So that I have access to my data, I routinely do a "file - copy" and duplicate my Q file, then I sync that file so if they corrupt it, it does not torpedo my master file.

    While this prevents me from entering transactions on the web and syncing those to my master file, I still have access to my data, which is helpful when you are remote and looking for a past purchase or information you have recorded on a purchase, like a part number.
  • redtoeredtoe Member
    I have completed the steps outlined by the moderator Quicken_Tyka on page 3 and everything is back where it is supposed to be.
    The problem I am having though is that every few times that I open the program it defaults back to the original file with the misplaced invoices.
    How do I make it so that the new file is the default file all the time?
    Is it safe to delete the old file from both my hard drive and the quicken cloud?
  • Quicken_TykaQuicken_Tyka Moderator mod
    Hello @redtoe

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response.

    If you haven't done so already, please take a moment to review the steps and information available here to remove the old data file.

    If you need further assistance locating the data file, please review the steps and information available here.

    I hope this helps!

    -Quicken Tyka
    -Quicken Tyka
  • redtoeredtoe Member
    Thanks Quicken_Tyka, I will try this tonight. If I remove the old file will I begin to get notifications that quicken cant find the file? Will the new file automatically become the default?
    How about the old file that is still listed as being stored on the cloud with the new file? Is it safe to remove it? What process should be used?

  • deforgekdeforgek Member
    I was on the phone with Quicken support last week for an hour and he hung up on me after really messing up my accounts. This was the problem I was telling him about . Is there a fix yet? I have invoices going back 15 years and I can't access any of them or post payments. I asked him about backing up before the update and he said they couldn't do that. All I need is a simple bookkeeping program. I am looking for something else. They left me with an expensive useless program. Is this going to be fixed or not?
  • Simon TSimon T Member
    Hi Quicken Tyka,

    Thanks for the update. This is still an issue on the Canadian Subscription version R25.25 Build Canada.

    If I create an Accounts Receivable account then add it to the accounts to be synced (on mobile and web) it automatically converts the account to a Property and Debt account and I can no longer create invoices and receive payments on invoices.

    Will there be a Canadian fix soon?

    Thank you,
  • OrthocubanOrthocuban Member ✭✭
    I tried the approved solution on page 1 and ended up with a messed up checking account balance. I am using Quicken HBR so my checking account contains both my home finances and my self-employment income. This is a mess. And, this is the third time this year that Quicken has messed up my data file with an update or the cloud or something.
  • XLS WizzardXLS Wizzard Member ✭✭
    Is there an ETA on when the Canadian version of Quicken will be fixed?

    I'm currently running R25.24
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    edited July 23
    Update: On May 19th, two months ago, I posted that I was shutting off the "cloud" feature on Quicken because I was having several problems related to changing my data, corrupting my data, duplicating my data and changing the classification of my Acct Receivable file disconnecting it from my customers. Previous to shutting off the Cloud, I found it necessary to stop using the Budget feature, again, because of problems that I could not overcome.

    All the above is not a complaint, just the facts. And, since I've shut off Cloud and Budgets, do you know how many problems I've experienced. ZERO. All the previous work, restore file, fix this, that and the other....not necessary.

    So, while I really miss entering receipts on the iPhone and closely watching my budget (the reason I have accounting software), I have found using the program to be much more rewarding without the features that I have found to be problematic.

    Again, not a jab; if you want to reduce your frustration, turn off these features!

    Oh, one tip, I occasionally do a File-Copy then use that file to upload stale info to the cloud, just so I can have remote access to historical data. I don't care if it becomes corrupted, I just load the next File-Copy to the cloud.
  • YingDaveYingDave Member ✭✭✭
    Agree - updates seem to be slowing down. I posted about several bugs about a month ago. Including this and several others with the Invoice form designer. For a 20+ year old product this is a little surprising. If the whole program has been rewritten then fine - but that was a few years ago now?

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