my email address is incorrect, its not letting me change it to log in

My saved log email is incorrect. It's not letting me change it to be able to log in

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  • lindaland2
    lindaland2 Member
    It says the incorrect email is not a valid user ID. I also received a response saying my login had been changed to a shortened version to protect my email. I'm not able to delete the old email in the log in window to try the shortened version. It appears its been saved and won't allow me to make changes to it
  • Frankx
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    Hi @lindaland2,

    If you can't delete the "autofill" on the form itself, you'll need to clear it in your web browser's settings, as follows:

    for Chrome here are the steps:
    • Click the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar (the icon featuring three vertical dots)
    • Select More Tools > Clear Browsing Data
    • In the dialogue that appears, check the “Autofill form data” checkbox, then select the amount of data you’d like to delete from the dropdown menu at the top of dialogue box. (Select “the beginning of time” to clear everything.)
    • Click the “Clear browsing data” button when finished
    for Microsoft Explorer here are the steps:
    • click on the "Tools" icon at the top right-hand side of your screen, then select "Internet Options" and pick the "Content" tab.
    • Look for the AutoComplete section and click on "Settings." At the bottom of that section, there's an option to "Delete AutoComplete History." click on that;
    • Click on "Form Data" box & unclick on all other boxes; then press "delete" button

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  • lindaland2
    lindaland2 Member
    Thank you so much! That sounded like it would solve didn't solve it. My old email address is still auto filling.
  • thecreator
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    Are you using a Password Manager program, like RoboForm, that you are using with your Browser?

    Which browser are you using?
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