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Hi all,
First visit to the community. My apologies, but I don't seem to have the toolbar that I am supposed to see above this text box that will allow me to attach the screenshots that I had ready. I'll try without ...

I have used "Online Balance" to reconcile for quite some time successfully. My last reconciliation of all my accounts took place on February 28, 2020. Since then, I have tried to reconcile a few times, but I notice that the online balance is still reporting the same balance as of February 28, 2020. That explains the message I am getting which is "There are no uncleared items to reconcile", even though there are many transactions that I have accepted into the registry since that time (I had screen shots prepared, sorry), through March and into April. But it's not looking past February 28th I guess, so it is not seeing those transactions.

This doesn't seem like an issue of incorrect information coming from the institution, since this is happening to all my accounts, from two different banks (Scotia Bank and RBC). I can reconcile to a paper statement (which I tried with one account) just fine, but that doesn't change the fact that the online balance for that account is still stuck at the same value it provided at the end of February. In the Reconcile window that appears (if I disable auto), it actually says "Online Balance as of 2020-02-28: -6,834.06".

Why isn't the online balance as of today any more? Anyone have any thoughts? There have been a couple Quicken updates since that time.

Quicken Canada Subscription
Version R25.22


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello Feeboy,
    Welcome to the community.
    I'm assuming you do have a current subscription to Quicken and you do not need to simply renew your subscription. (You can check: Help > My Quicken Account - middle row, middle column; it says "active", yes?)

    First, create a backup file.

    Next, in Quicken, at the top of your screen, click on Tools > Account List. Go down to the row for Scotia Bank or RBC, and look in the cell in the Transaction Download column. What does it say there? (In blue text, does it say, 'improve connection'? If it does, click that blue text and go through the process to improve your connection to the bank.)

    Then, also please check - when you go to the account register for each, at the top of the register, in bold text, it names the account. Directly below that, in small text, it should name the date, time and method of connection to your bank. Does it say "Express Web Connect" or "Direct Connect", or nothing at all? Please post back here to let us know. The date of last download should be the date of your last One Step Update, and the "online balance" in Quicken should match closely to what you see when you log into the bank website. (There can be situations where a transactions shows, but has not yet cleared, on the bank website. Uncleared transactions will not download into Quicken, by design.)

    It sounds like, for unknown reasons, Quicken has difficulty connecting to your bank(s). After the above checks, please run through each step here.

    If, after going through all of the above trouble shooting steps, you are still having difficulty, you might contact support directly.

    As a final step, we might have to de-active and then re-activate your Online Service. (But call support before you take that step, OK?)

    Please post more details here, and let us know how you turn out.
    Thank you,
    Quicken Hugh

  • Feeboy
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    Thanks Hugh,
    Subscription is active, yes.
    Transaction download column says "Express Web Connect" (nothing about needing to improve connection)
    Under the Bank Title in the Account Register it says "Last download April 7, 2020 - 3:51pm (Express Web Connect)". This is true for all accounts, both banks, since I just did another one step update yesterday before posting here.

    None of this surprises me because my bank connections are working fine, one step updates are successful, and transaction downloads have all been good and match the financial institution. All except the Online Balance that is. Still stuck saying the amount it was back on February 28, 2020.

    No errors during one step updates. Everything successful.
    Internet speed test ... 50.6 download, 10.1 upload.
    Security settings are all good as evidenced by the ongoing successful connections and updates with the banks stated above.

    Baffling, I guess I'll contact support as you suggest,
  • Feeboy
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    For anyone else that sees this issue ...
    I didn't end up calling support. Instead I just tried opening one of my backed up data files (renaming current to old, then copying backed up file into place and renaming it to current) from right before the date that the online balance seemed to be stuck on (February 28, 2020). It also happened to be right before a quicken update I believe.

    Anyway, loaded the old data file, did a one step update, transactions for the last 1.5 months loaded and were categorized and accepted into the register automatically (sync from cloud I imagine?). Now my online balance is correct and I was easily able to reconcile again.

    Painless process. Not as scary as it used to be to go to an old backup.
    So I guess something happened to that data file. Solved for now.
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