Method of payment (Quick Pay, Check Pay, and others) should all be available for all Online Billers

I've converted from the old Bill Pay to Quick Pay/Check Pay. I realize it lacks some features such as scheduling, but willing to work within the constraints while Quicken builds those features out. Quicken Support advises these problems are enhancement so I’m entering it here but sure seems like a design error/bug to me.

Quite simply, I need to pay linked Billers with either Quick Pay or Quick Check. I also need to designate Biller payment as an auto-withdrawal or auto credit card charge and have that reminder with dates and amounts correctly handled both in the register and on the “Bills & Income” tab.

Need to pay linked Billers with either Quick Pay or Quick Check –
I have a Biller that Quicken can and does download monthly statements for, but for some reason Quick Pay cannot pay them (Bill Pay has paid them for years but Quick Pay cannot pay them right now, so whatever). I’m okay to just use Check Pay while the Quick Pay problem is fixed but you cannot do that because Quick Check is not available for linked eBillers.
- I can set up a manual biller and then Check Pay shows up but now I have two Billers, one automatic that gives me the amount and date, and one manual where I can re-enter the date and amount from the eBiller to pay it with a check. That duplication carries through to the register reminders with one of the reminders never getting paid and the system considers late and duplicate amounts overstating amount due/paid.
- I have tried to just link my Manual Biller that can pay with Quick Checks and link it to the right eBiller, however doing that causes Check Pay to disappear. I have tried updating the linked Reminder for that eBiller and set the option and info to use Check Pay, but still Check Pay is still not available.

On a similar note, eBillers can also be auto-withdrawals or auto-charge a credit card and that is handled poorly -
I have some Billers that are auto-withdrawals and some that are auto-charges to a credit card, and I have reminders on these. I don’t need to “pay” them in Quicken, when the eBill is received I want enter those amounts and future dates in the register awaiting the actual automatic transaction to come through. That gives me visibility into cash flow. You can kinda/sorta do that, but Bills & Income Billers and corresponding register entry are left in various states, sometimes with an amount and sometimes not, sometimes they still show up at the top of the Bills & Income screen with the upcoming due date, sometimes they drop to the bottom of the screen and say “Entered” and “Awaiting next bill”.

Lastly – what does the “Pay” option on a Biller actually do? I understand what "Quick Pay" and "Check Pay" do, I sorta understand what “Enter” does. The "Pay" button produces a screen that says pay now or pay later, isn’t well explained in any support posting I’ve seen and not something I feel like practicing with.
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    Having similar problems - If Quicken can't pay a linked biller with Quick Pay for whatever reason, all I get is a message to that effect and an instruction to go to my biller's website to pay with a debit or credit card. I want to send a check. Why is that not allowed in the circumstance where Quicken can't use Quick Pay? For that matter, why can't there be an option to either use a Check or Quick Pay for all linked billers? Sending a check works great for non-linked billers. Thanks!
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