Cannot scan from a Canon printer/scanner.

I read several old questions about this type problem: all works fine trying to scan a doc into a transaction till clicking the final Scan button. Then Canon ScanGear and Quicken lock up. Have to use Task Manager to End Quicken/ScanGear. Tech support says the only answer is to scan to a file and add it to my transaction. This is the only fix. Is that the way Quicken is to be run? Canon says ScanGear is working fine and it does with all other software but Quicken.
Does anyone have any ideas? I don't want to have to do the extra steps to scan my docs.


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    Quicken for Windows can scan a single page to a JPEG image.
    If you need a multiple-page attachment, or another format like PDF, you must scan outside of Quicken and attach the resulting file.
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  • Gary
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    First Quicken does not scan. It uses your scanner's software to do that. Then the scanner software passes the file to Quicken.
    My problem is that Quicken and Canon ScanGear software do not want to work together. ScanGear works fine with all my other applications just fine, but not Quicken. When scanning with Quicken, both Quicken and ScanGear freeze solid. It takes using Task Manager to "End Task".
    This is not a problem of one scan or multi-scans or PDF or JPEG. It's a problem of the two software apps working properly. They don't! I only want to find someone who can help me. Quicken's solution is to scan separately and then add the file to Quicken, thus not doing the scan within Quicken. This makes double work to do all the steps. That is not a satisfactory answer. Also saying it's the other's fault is not satisfactory either!
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    Hello @Gary


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for my late response. I recommend contacting Quicken Support via chat or phone and sharing your screen with one of our support reps, if you feel comfortable so that we're able to try diagnosing the issue.  




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  • Gary
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    If you had read carefully my initial message, you would have noticed I had talked with Tech Support. They can only give me a work around of doing double work, instead of a solution to fix the problem. Talking with them a second time I think is useless. What say you?
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    Is your ScanGear a 64-bit application? If it is, you may have better luck with a 32-bit version. Quicken is 32-bit and cannot talk to 64-bit apps.
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    While this is a new problem for me since I’ve just bought my first Canon printer/scanner/fax, a quick Google search shows that this has been an issue since at least 2014. Others have not found a fix using the various Quicken support “guesses” (re-install the Canon printer; re-install Quicken; contact Canon to solve; etc.) As someone who has wrestled with difficult problems on mainframe computers for nearly 30 years, I’d like to suggest what it will take to solve this. To wit: someone at Quicken who is familiar with the software internals needs to get a Canon; re-create the problem (should be easy to do); and use whatever tools they have (dumps; logs; traces) to determine and fix this problem once and for all. Just my opinion.
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