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How do you change a bill from Quick Pay to Check Pay?

My Mortgage lender charged me a $5 fee when I paid using Bill Manager's Quick Pay. When I paid using Quicken's Bill Pay I didn't incur this extra fee. To avoid that fee looks like I have to use Quick Check instead. I believe Quicken Bill Pay uses ACH to make electronic payments. Does anyone know what electronic method of payment Bill Manger is using that it caused my mortgage lender to charge a fee?

There doesn't appear to be an option to change from Quick Pay to Pay Check. Does anyone know how to change a bill from one method of payment to the other?

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  • jrich75
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    I had posted in another thread that it appears Quick Pay uses the biller's online payment capability to generate a payment. In my case, a utility had a fee for using a credit card or "electronic check". A fee had never been charged for Bill Pay electronic payments (ACH ?) so my utility may use a separate service to process whatever Quick Pay issues. Anyway. Quicken is long overdue in publishing some specific documentation regarding how Quick Pay payments are made.
    As far as changing to Check Pay, there is a check box on the bottom right side of the edit bill reminder box that authorizes Check Pay for that biller. Of course the bank account you use to pay must be specifically verified to use Check Pay with 2 micro deposits. Check Pay should then appear as an option in the bill's drop down menu on the Bills tab.
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  • HJR
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    Thanks for the reply and the insight into why a $5 fee might be charge when using Quick Pay. I already had Pay Check established in Bill Manager. What I found I had to to do to change Quick Pay to Check Pay was to first unlink the Quick Pay entry from the reminder. Then, I was able to follow your instructions to enable Quick Pay by selecting the check box on the reminder. That leaves me with a Check Pay reminder and a Quick Pay bill for my mortgage. I haven't yet but I'm most likely delete the Quick Pay entry after I determine how long it will takes for Pay Check method to reach my lender.

    I also agree, Quicken needs to come out with much better documentation for Bill Manager. As of right now I feel Quicken Bill Pay is much more robust than its so called powerful replacement.
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