Does Quicken 2020 work with external display monitor?

I have a 2019 PC laptop with windows 10 pro, and run two 23.5" external display monitors off of it for a total of 3 displays, the laptop + the two externals. I have been running quicken deluxe 2013. Last year, upon request of my bookkeeper, I installed Quicken 2019, however it failed to work on the external monitors. After several hours with Quicken Tech Support, they told me that Quicken 2019 just does not work with external displays. So they guided me through removing 2019 and reinstalling 2013 which works just fine on the larger external monitors. with 2013 resolution is great and I can move it from monitor to monitor as I see fit. My Question is, has this been fixed in Quicken 2020? will it now work without a hitch or a glitch on external displays just like earlier versions?


  • Sherlock
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    The trick with multiple monitors is to open Quicken on the monitor you have set to be the main display in Windows.  
  • Chris_QPW
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    Note Quicken 2018 and above is Quicken Subscription, and as such it always updates to the latest release.  And no there isn't any difference, you have to use the workaround that Sherlock suggested.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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