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Running Windows version R25.21. On the Bills & Income screen, I have it set to show Due Date, Due in 30 Days and Online Bills. I have set up only 5 online bills. Every time I Update Accounts, the indicator in front of the Bills & Income Tab is displayed indicating, I presume, that a Bill has been updated. Since I only have 5 online bills, this should take place only 5 times per month, not every time I update accounts. It's a nuisance, I know, but unless it's an indication of something else, I'd like to see the indicator only when there is an online bill updated. Anyone else having this issue?


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    Hello @Nelson Spitnale


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I see that you mention it does happen every time that you update your accounts. Does it happen multiple times a day if you do update more than once a day as well? Also was this happening on the previous patch or has it been an issue for quite a while?


    When you get a chance please let us know!




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    As far as I'm concerned the problem is that even though it is "nice" that they have an "updated/blue dot" indicator, the fact that they don't follow that up with some other kind of indication like on which bills have been updated, it is useless.  This was discussed when they first came out with this "feature", but nothing has changed over the years.

    So basically it becomes a "ignore it" indication.
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    The indicator appears every time account update is run and it has been happening ever since the indicator was added.
  • Nelson Spitnale
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    To Quicken Francisco , The indicator is removed when the Bills & Income page is opened, but is displayed again every time the One Step Update processes. This indicator should only be displayed if a bill is refreshed with a payment due.
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    My experience is different in that the blue dot does not show up for every OSU.  However it isn't clear to me why the blue dot shows up when it does.  Seems to me that it should appear when a new bill amount arrives, and the biller(s) with changed amounts should also be flagged. 
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