Is it wise to link transfers to other accounts BY THE BATCH?

When reviewing account transactions, I sometimes come across batches of transfer transactions that are all linked (or transferred to/from) the same account. When I find these transactions, I select all of them, and edit them so that the transfers are linked to the same account within Quicken.

However, I think this is causing a problem. If I am correct, by batch editing and linking to the account, Quicken generates "matching" manual transactions in the opposing account... when a matching and downloaded transaction already exists in that opposing account.

... Because I've noticed that when I *individually* link transfers (one at a time), Quicken *finds* and *links* to the matching transaction in the opposing account... so I assume that it does not *generate* a transaction to match with.

I suspect that this is what's throwing off the balances of all my accounts: linking transfers to other accounts in Quicken *by the batch*.

Does this all sound correct? I'm curious whether anyone else has made this "rookie" mistake when they first started in Quicken.



  • majesticoj
    majesticoj Member ✭✭
    Yes, this is all true.

    I continued going through all of my transactions, learning as I went. The source of the inaccurate account balances was "batch-editing" transfers and linking the transfers to other accounts. This was creating duplicate transfer transactions in the opposing accounts.

    Once I started deleting the extra (or "manual") transactions in the opposing acc't(s), the balances started correcting.

    I hope this helps someone else.
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