When will QM and QW become a cloud-based app instead of computer-based?

When will QM and QW become a cloud-based app instead of computer-based? (Maybe as an option for those worried customers). If it was one universal app in the cloud, both the Mac and Windows would be the same, no Mac less-for-the-money version (and we Mac users could also get the H&B version). Is anyone/team at the top levels been giving that idea serious thought time? It sure would solve a lot of problems and I believe it would increase sales (at least enough to cover the expense of re-coding and increased security).


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    We're other users and don't have the ability or knowledge to answer this.
    Anyone who MIGHT know has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and couldn't talk about it anyway.
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    Never rings a bell.

    They started rewriting Quicken Mac in 2008 and still it is lacking all the features, and now you want them to rewrite all of Quicken for both platform with all the features and make it server based.

    And in fact I think Quicken Inc has already released their "solution" for this, see this website:
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    The day that happens (if it is not simply an option) is the day that I and many other Quicken users stop using Quicken.  There are a lot of people who use Quicken specifically because it is not cloud based whereas most of the competitive products out there are only cloud based.  We simply value our data privacy too much and there have been far too many cloud security breaches.
    One thing I've disliked about product ideas is that we're only given the opportunity to vote yes for an idea.  It would be really nice if we were given the option of voting no, too.
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    @ghostridr2  I think the replies above, combined, give you the best picture we have of Quicken's approach to a landscape in which different users want very different things:
    • For people who would like a platform-independent entirely cloud-based service, the new Simplifi product is for you. (But you can't migrate old Quicken data to it; you'll have to start from scratch.) 
    • For people who would like an entirely locally-based service, with no financial details in the cloud, the traditional Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac products remain your platform of choice.
    • For people who want the robustness and/or legacy data of Quicken, but the ability to access it remotely, the Quicken mobile app and web interface allow you to have a window into your data to look things up or enter new transactions via the web/mobile app while still retaining your desktop-based data and reporting.
    One thing we've all learned (users and Quicken management and developers) from the re-write of Quicken Mac from scratch over the past decade is just how complex the legacy Quicken software is. I haven't used the new Simplifi product, but I'm certain it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the Quicken desktop products, which have decades of code development behind them. 
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