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quicken bill pay stopped working on 4/10

I am on windows quicken 2017. Quicken bill pay was working fine. Yesterday it quit working totally, I cant send a bill from quicken. I can log into the quickenbillpay.com and that works. In quicken I try to deactivate nothing happens, I try to setup nothing happens. Any suggestions?


  • FordH
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    edited April 2020
    You should check the other threads, as some people have found workarounds that may work for your. A couple of thread titles "Quicken Bill Pay Not Working" and "Bill Pay Has Gone Missing"
  • dan5
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    Super annoying when I was out mid december through January also. I am hesitant to upgrade, but I am dependent, this makes me want to try hard enough to find an alternative
  • dan5
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    I have been looking since late last year when bill pay was out for 6 weeks. There are 3 things I have decided are the primary values for me with Quicken.

    1) The challenge is another software that lets you reconcile. It seems our credit card #s get stolen periodically and it helps me ensure I dispute the fraud charges in a timely manner.
    2) The other quicken feature I really rely on is I am always keeping my bills and payments scheduled 2 to 4 weeks ahead of today so I know when I might risk running low on money in checking account to avoid over draft. If I can't pay bills ahead of time with this new bill manager, much of the value I get out of quicken is gone. Many of the other solutions I read about like personal capital or Mint don't seem to allow this. When bill pay actually works the ability to forecast a pay check or two, or a distribution from a business into the future by setting up payments and seeing them in the register well before they will be sent is super valuable to me.
    3) The final feature, I track transaction categories and use tags very diligently to keep business expenses for two businesses and my personal spending well documented and managed particularly makes it easier when I send stuff to my accountant for tax season. I have canned reports for the businesses that make estimated tax easy adn filing returns much easier than trying to add up receipts at the end of the quarter or year. I think both Mint and Personal capital support this.
    So it only leaves me one reason bullet 1) to stay with quicken is I can reconcile against receipts and money I know I have spent.

    [removed - no soliciting]

    Some other software such as [removed] do a much better job of investment management. Quicken isn't that great especially for ESPP, ESOP, RSUs, etc. There are much better budgeting tools than Quicken, but I have never been able to stick to a budget well. Thus why bullet 2 is so valuable to me.
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