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Saved reports section empty in latest Canadian Quicken - any solutions or others notice?

Using latest Canadian Quicken R25.22, Build

As we approach tax time, I notice that the saved reports section is now empty of previously saved reports.
The various preset report templates are all there and work, but you cant save a customimised one (or at least it doesn't show up in saved reports)
Customised Reports I have previously attached to the toolbar are still there and work.
However when I go into "Reports - my Saved reports - add reports to toolbar", there is a 100% reliable crash, which occurs everytime
Have validated my file - no errors.

BTW not sure how long this has been happening, definitely less than a couple of months - but now at tax time, need some of these saved reports not on toolbar
Any help or suggestions


  • Hello @ jeffnoone2,

    Thank you for reaching out in the community today. If I understood, your saved reports are no longer in the Saved Reports section, though the reports that you attached to the Toolbar are still on the Toolbar? As I see you are on the latest version and you have already run a Validate And Repair, I would now suggest restoring a backup. You mentioned that this has been happening for a couple of months, you may need to go through a few backups to find one that still has your saved reports.

    Please let me know how it goes!

    Thank you

    -          Quicken Diana

  • jeffnoone2
    jeffnoone2 Member ✭✭
    Thanks, Diana,
    I got on to Quicken Support by phone Monday AM.
    I had previously tried the restore idea, maybe I didn't go back far enough - didn't work.
    However Quicken support suggested using the "Make A copy" (of the Quicken file) option, then opt to use the copy.
    That did the trick
    Thanks to you and the Phone Support
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