Why doesn't my new category group show in graph report?

I am using Quicken (Canadian) 2010. Yes I know it's as old as the hills but it does the job. Even this issue I can live with, it's just a little annoying is all. I created a new category group called "Savings" (to go along with Mandatory Expenses, Discretionary, Income, etc.) and when I print a Budget Report, it does show up as a separate Category Group. However when I generate a Bar Graph through Graphs --> Budget, there is no bar displayed for my "Savings" Group, just the original Mandatory Expenses, Discretionary, Income and Unassigned. Does anyone have any idea as to why or how this might be fixed?


  • NotACPA
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    Edit the graph to include the new group.  They're not automatically added.
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    By "edit" the graph do you mean "Customise" the "Catagory Groups" tab and make sure that the "Savings" Group is checked?
    If so, that has been done.
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    Well tested on Quicken 2010 US (don't have Canadian to test with) and it seems fine there:

    Most likely you have the most up to date patch version for your Quicken, but just in case you don't have R2, and that might have something to do with this (I doubt it) you can get that patch install from here:
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