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Comparing backup file to current file

My current master file has an error. I want to recover a backup file and compare it to my current file. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?

The help directs you to simply recover a backup which would destroy any information I have entered - don't know how much that is.


  • UKR
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    Is your current Quicken data file still accessible by Quicken?
    That would allow you to print transaction reports for all accounts for the last few days, covering the time span between backup date and today.
    Now restore your data file to a different file name so as not to overwrite your bad current data file and reenter missing transactions into the restored-from-backup file, based on the reports.
    There is no program or function that I'm aware of which would allow you to compare two files and report on differences or, even better, create a transaction file with the differences for import into the restored file. Now, wouldn't that be nice to have?

    Are you Syncing to Mobile / Web?
    If so, please stop Syncing until you have figured out the problem and found a solution.

    By the way, have you discussed this error with Quicken Support?
    Would you be willing to share your bad data file with them, for analysis, and to figure out what went wrong?

  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    As long as the files are named differently, or are in different folders, one won't over-write the other. You can switch back and forth between which one you open (the easiest way is via the File > Open Recent menu selection), but you can't have both files open at the same time. You may want to open one, locate the data you're concerned with, take a screen shot, then open the other file, so you can see them side by side. 
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