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Multiple USAA accounts

I have a USAA VISA and USAA Insurance account. Quickpay will only see and pay the Insurance bill. When I attempt to add the Visa bill it notifies me that I have already set up USAA for quickpay.
"You've already added a biller {0} whose details match the biller you're trying to add."

How to I add my Visa bill to Quickpay?


  • Rick8
    Rick8 Member ✭✭✭
    Both of these should have different account numbers. If they do, set them up as separate accounts. Quickpay should then see them as a different biller. If not, then I do not know.
  • 0amcclure
    0amcclure Member ✭✭
    Hi Rick, Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately quickpay does not request the account number. It seems to log into the account and grab the open invoice. I will see what happens when the next Visa bill is due.
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