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Citi Costco card not retrieving bill until I authorize again on the Citi website

I knew I had a new Citi Costco visa statement but the biller did not retrieve it over several days. Card transactions were coming down but not the biller statement. I tried to retrieve it both through One Step Update and updating the biller directly on the Bills & Income tab, no error messages and the biller just said something to the effect "Biller added but no statement available". On a hunch, I went to the Citi website and used the More Settings\Manage Desktop Apps and tried updating the biller and it worked and downloaded the statement. Has anyone else noticed this issue?

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  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts Member ✭✭
    I think I am having a similar problem: Receiving Error statement that: "Attention": Important upgrade required for Online Bills on the Bills & Income page. Citi line under "Biller" says Quicken does not support this biller for now, or biller information is not valid.

    I have gone to the Citi site, and they won't accept my password, and when I try to "Change password", they indicate: we are having technical problems. Tried to call....not able to get help.

    I tried to use the "Remove" the biller on the B & I page, in order to get function from other billers until I could resolve the issue, but it won't remove the biller. I went to "Manage Manual Bills and Income" tab, and unlinked Citi from my reminders, but still not able to remove Citi from B & I page.

    Will continue to try to get Citi site updated as Larry did, but that will have to wait until Citi is online compliant.

    Any suggestions to get rid of Citi in the mean time?

  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    @Richard - Just confirmed moments ago - Citi.com and Citibank Online are currently unavailable. Our friends at Citi are very much aware of the situation and they are working to restore service. For the moment, please pause your work. We will be posting additional alerts shortly. 
  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts Member ✭✭
    Thank you Hugh....I will wait, patiently, for resolution.
  • Richard Roberts
    Richard Roberts Member ✭✭
    Although, I still think it is strange, even though there are problems at Citi, that I am unable to get my Quicken Premier to "remove" the Citi line (as is offered on the line) from the B & I page, and allow the rest of Quicken to work. Any suggestions for that while we wait for Citi to come back online?
  • Dave Mayer
    Dave Mayer Member ✭✭
    I am also having problems downloading my bill for my Costco Citi credit card. I have logged into Citi and confirmed that I do have a bill available for my credit card. I have gone to the Citi Data Management Hub, Instructed Citi to Add Access, then gone back to Quicken and tried to add my online bill for Citi. The process completes, I get a message that "Your bill has been successfully added, but your next amount due is not yet available from your biller". I know the bill amount is available on the Citi web site, so why can't Quicken get download the amount and due date?
  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020
    @Dave Mayer - 
    "Your bill has been successfully added..." This indicates that Quicken correctly linked to your biller, Costco Citi CC.
    "...your next amount due is not yet available from your biller" Your biller, Costco Citi CC in this case, should now be showing in Quicken; any missing bill or biller should be investigated on an individual basis, as there could be an issue with the biller. If need be, you are welcome to contact support directly for additional troubleshooting help. 
    Yes, you can log into the billers' website and you can see the now-current bill. 
    "...so why can't Quicken get download the amount and due date?" Please contact support for additional help sorting this out.

    Thank you for your understanding.

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