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Non-Profit Pricing

I am a Treasurer for a non-profit youth sports Little League (baseball). Can pricing for the Starter or Deluxe version be adjusted to accommodate this entity? We have been using Quicken for 15+ years to manage our simple finances with budget and would like to continue to use the product without interruption in having to move to a new tool and learn/train volunteers on new processes.

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  • Boatnmaniac
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    This site is a community for Quicken users.  You should contact Quicken directly to inquire about this.  Go to Quicken.com, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the contact option.
    Another option is to go to an online retailer like Amazon.  You can buy any 2018+ version to get the activation code and then use that code to set up or update your subscription so you always have the latest revision..  The year on the Quicken product listing is not important as long as it's 2018 or higher (the year is mostly for retail marketing purposes).  The important thing is the activation code.  You can often find something that is lower cost than Quicken.com's list price. 
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  • akupatel
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    Thank you for your contribution, Boatnmaniac. I understand this is a community forum but unfortunately there is no option on quicken.com's site for contacting them nor is there a portal of any sort to engage with Sales. The path you suggest is not valid. I am at a loss here to find a channel to contact them on this possibility, which other non-profits may benefit.

    Thank you for suggesting the retail options for pricing.

    If anyone else has a non-profit or if Quicken support can respond here I would be appreciative.
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    @akupatel Follow the instructions in @Boatnmaniac,s 1st paragraph.  There are several options there for contacting Quicken.
    And I have, in the past, run several non-profits using Quicken ... but I was using my personal copy of Q with a separate data file for each of them.
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