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Allow adding comments/notes to budgets

remg13 Member ✭✭
Hi: I was just wanting to suggest an improvement to the Quicken for Mac Software. In the "Edit Budget" screen (Where you can see the entire Budget for each month and the year) could you make it possible to have the ability to right click on a budget number so that it would open up a comment field. Then a person could put a short note/comment there. Most budget amounts are straight forward and are the same month to month. However, some have various items in them that are unique to a certain month, or for that year. This would help to be able to see what those particular anomalies are. Thanks
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  • jgriffin5510
    jgriffin5510 Member ✭✭
    Great Suggestion! Just like attaching a note to a cell in Excel.
    If I budget $900 for October under Auto b/c I know my 6-month insurance premium will be due, it would be really nice to include a note to that effect! There is not even an option to export the budget to Excel, then add notes. You basically have to create a spreadsheet (or whatever) for your notes.
  • JayBugs
    JayBugs Member, Windows Beta, Mac Beta Beta
    When adding this, indicate on the main budget screen which budgeted amounts have a comment. Any small icon or even a dot would be useful, perhaps even the colored cell corner symbol that Excel and Numbers use.
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