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Hi: I was just wanting to suggest an improvement to the Quicken for Mac Software. In the "Edit Budget" screen (Where you can see the entire Budget for each month and the year) could you make it possible to have the ability to right click on a budget number so that it would open up a comment field. Then a person could put a short note/comment there. Most budget amounts are straight forward and are the same month to month. However, some have various items in them that are unique to a certain month, or for that year. This would help to be able to see what those particular anomalies are. Thanks
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  • Cowdog
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    edited June 26
    To create more meaningful budgets it would be extraordinarily helpful to provide the ability to open new lines in a category to add a specific expense that will occur in a given month. The budget category should still show "Auto expenses" but the budget should give me the opportunity to populate monthly fuel expenses, occasional maintenance expenses, and quarterly insurance payments. Without this detail I forget what's behind a number for any given month.
  • jacobs
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    Are those expenses -- fuel, maintenance, insurance -- not subcategories in your Quicken? If yes, you can include these sub-categories in the budget. If not, you might want to use Quicken's default sub-categories under Auto & Transport for these expenses, or add your own custom sub-categories. 

    If you'd like to see a capability to add notes to your budget, you might want to read and add your vote & comments to the existing Idea post requesting such functionality
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  • Paul Kleeberg
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    As I build a 2022 post retirement budget, I want to make comments on income and expense line items so that I know what my assumptions are. I add my vote for this feature!
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