Quicken 2016 is asking for data file

I've been running Quicken Premier 2016 on my Windows 10 computer for a while. Tonight when I opened Quicken, it seems to have lost the ability to automatically load my data. I was greeted with a screen saying "Select your existing data file to get started", with options to:
- Open a data file on the computer;
- Restore a data file from backup somewhere;
- Start over with a new data file.
Fortunately, I have a backup from 3 days ago that I can use. But when I select the file to restore from, I'm then asked for a Location to Restore. What do I put there? Obviously, Quicken knows where it's been putting the backups.


  • Boatnmaniac
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    You can save the restored file wherever you want to.  When I set up Quicken the backup folder was put on the same level as the original file.  So, go up one level from the backup folder and if your Quicken was set up the same as mine you will find the original file there.  If it is not there, you can save your restored file there.
    If it's not there, before you restore from your backup you might want to try to recover your original file instead:  File > Find Quicken Files.
    This will pull up a list of all the Quicken files on your computer.  Look for the last modified date.  Then you can hover your cursor over the file name and location to see the full name and location.  Click on the file you want to recover by clicking on it and then click on Open File.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R39.23 on Windows 10)
  • splasher
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    Check your filename length. Quicken can get picky about it if it is longer than eight characters, 12345678.QDF. 
    Also check that there is not a space at the end before the period.
    Rename it in Windows Explorer with Quicken closed. Once renamed, double click on the file to start Quicken with that file, after that, it should find it on its own.
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