I want to set up my RBC Bank (Georgia) for downloading and I am not having any success

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  • kwjennings
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    I am a Canadian using Quicken 2020 Version R25.22
    I use it with transaction downloading for my Canadian banking and I want to set up my RBC Bank (Georgi) for downloading and I am not having any success.
    Has anyone succeeded getting this download to work?
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    Hello @kwjennings


    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. What error do you get when you try connecting your RBC Bank? Could you take a screenshot of the error as well? Also has this been going on for a long time or just on the latest patch? Once we get a bit more info we can see if we're able to do some troubleshooting.





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  • UKR
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    A quick Google search seems to indicate that there is a U.S. subsidiary, "RBC Bank (Georgia) N.A." https://www.rbcbank.com/index.html
    The fly in the ointment is that the Canadian version of Quicken does not appear to handle U.S. bank accounts.
    For the US version of Quicken, the list of supported banks contains a number of different banks all with rbcbank or rbcbankusa as part of the URL but not the one with Georgia in the name.
    Somebody from Quicken will have to take a look at this, to determine if cross border banking to this and other RBC Bank branches in the US is possible.

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