Budget Idea: Make Everything Else Category, "Actual" Clickable to Show Transactions

Scooterlam SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
In my budget, I have only one "everything else" category (per category group).  I budget the "everything else" category as a single catch-all bucket for the categories and transactions I do not explicitly budget for - the small stuff. 

Overtime, the small expense transactions that land in the "everything else" category can be numerous.  So....

In the budget annual view,  make the "actual" figure in the  "Everything Else" category an active link.  Image 1.   Which, upon clicking, shows all transactions for all categories in the transaction pop-up window, in the same way other categories or subcategories work.  Image 2.

Image 1

Image 2

I know that in the graph view, this "everything else" category is capable of showing the subcategory with a drill down into the transaction window, shown in image 2.  Would like to also see similar (transaction pop-up) in the annual view.

If you find this helpful, please vote.  If not, improve upon the idea, then vote!
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