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How do I view an annual budget in Quicken web as I can in Quicken for windows?

I budget annually NOT monthly. Monthly budgets are too detailed for me. I have exactly what I need using the annual budget view in Quicken for Windows. Can I have the same thing in Quicken web please? My ONLY reason for using Quicken web is for sharing our ANNUAL budget with my spouse without her having to sit at my computer. Thanks in advance for your consideration of my request.
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    Hello @mflieger,

    Thank you for visiting the Community and posting your request!

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  • Diver42420Diver42420 Member ✭✭
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    I want to get away from budgeting apps like [removed] and [removed] and just use Quicken. Having this available on the phone is important when out shopping. In the Quicken Web view, the budget is broken into groups like Business, Non-discretionary, Personal Spending. I have to drill into each one to see the categories and current amounts. Why can't all categories be shown on one page like in Desktop version? Very cumbersome to use this way. I look at this monthly.
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