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Income Reminder - Not able to enter ticker symbols (Cdn stocks)

I use Quicken Deluxe (Canadian version). When I enter an income reminder (dividend) for a Canadian stock in my investment account, I am not able to enter the stock ticker symbol.

The following error message comes back:
"You already have a security with that name, please enter a different name. If you are trying to enter a transaction for this security, select your investment account from the Account List and choose Enter Transaction."

Obviously, I am trying to use a security that is already in my security list. Thanks for any help!


  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Please check that Security entry in your Security list. What is the Security Type? It can be Stock or Mutual Fund ... anything but Market Index.
    Also check that the Security is NOT marked as "hidden".
  • John K
    John K Member ✭✭
    All of the securities in my Security list are either Type: "Stock" or "ETF". Currency: "Canadian Dollar "and "US Dollar". Exchange: "Toronto" or "U.S. Stock". All Securities that I want an Income Reminder are not hidden...
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