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My net worth report is displaying a -$92,233,720,368,547,758 value. I started getting this value after the last subscription update for Quicken Premier. I went through each year on the report to find it enters the net worth report in 1994 and is totally in one account that is now closed.
Has anyone seen this error before? Any advice on how to eliminate the error, short of going back to the latest backup file that doesn't have the error and entering all the transactions, etc. that has occurred since then. BTW, the net worth value on the home page at the lower left corner is correct but all net worth reports have this error in them. Thanks!


  • NotACPA
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    That figure indicates that you have a corrupted, perhaps severely, Q data file.
    Take a backup
    Run FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair ... being SURE to check "Validate File" and (if present) "Rebuild Investing Lots"
    Run the Net Worth again.
    If that didn't fix things, go thru Validate and Repair again only this time hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys as you're clicking "Validate and Repair".  You should see "SuperValidate" indicated.
    Run the Net Worth again
    If THAT didn't fix things, your only remaining option is to restore from your backup files until you find one that doesn't exhibit the problem and re-build, coming forward, from there.
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    :( This solution did not work but I found another answer under "Alerts & Known Issues" dated May 2019 by Quicken Sarah that did work.
    Thank you for your response.
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