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Fifth Third

Still can't get transactions from 53.com. It's been about a month now. My subscription ends on May 1st, if it's not fixed by then it makes no sense to renewing it.


  • Select Account List from the Tools menu (you may be able to get there via CTRL-A) and click the Edit button next to your Fifth Third account. Click the Online Services tab.

    If there is a Setup Now button here you didn't establish a connection to the 5th 3rd account and need to do so using your User ID and Password for the 5the 3rd website. You will also need the account number to pick which of your accounts you will connect.

    If not, there should be a statement that your account is set up for transaction download from Financial Institution: Fifth Third Bank - NEW using connection method: Direct Connect. In this case, you should click the Reset Account button and verify the account number in the Select Account to Reset dialog. This will give you a chance to correct things if, for instance, you accidentally connected to an account you had closed or had no activity in the last 90 days.

    Success at either process should download recent transactions, and running One Step Update should get you new transactions in the future.

    If you see error meassages in the process, make a note of them and come back here whith them.
  • Rssr53Rssr53 Member
    This did not work, still getting the OL295 error
  • grvdggr864grvdggr864 Member ✭✭
    i have done the same and STILL unable to connect to 53rd bank. its been since back in the 1st of Feb being unable to connect to them, even after the small patch the other day. error - OL-295-A
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