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Does ending my subscription still display intrusive expiration banners thereafter?

I am nursing an older, non-subscription version of Quicken, which serves my needs fine. I like the idea of a subscription I can use on many computers, and using Quicken for the web to access and maintain my financial information from anywhere. I appreciate the data access guarantee that lets me continue to access my data, even if I let my subscription expire. What is keeping me from taking the plunge and upgrading to a subscription is the "expiration banner" that is intrusive and gobbles up screen real estate if I choose to unsubscribe. Is that still a permanent consequence of allowing my subscription to lapse? Personally I think it is disrespectful of customers, but I understand that the company can do what it wants. So can I.


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    See this thread: Expiration-Vote
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  • garyzimgaryzim Member
    Thanks! I may have voted on that before but the voting's closed now, and the company Has Spoken. I'm wryly amused at all the [rant redacted] moderation. This is obviously an issue, at least in the way Quicken chooses to punish users who let their subscriptions lapse. I would be okay with a splash window that reminds you to resubscribe then goes away, but not with a panel that takes up so much of the screen and can't be minimized or hidden (though possibly worked around via right-click Inspect console manipulations). I'll stick with my old copy of 2016 Deluxe as long as I possibly can.
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