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Highlight a row in Register view

I'd love to be able to highlight a row, or even a cell, in a register view.

Checking, for example, can get confusing with future transactions. I'd like to be able to highlight the row that shows what my actual balance is right now - right-click and turn it yellow, for example. Even better would be just the actual balance cell. I could see uses for other visual attributes like bold, italic and so on to highlight data of interest.

Thanks for your consideration.
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  • John_MJohn_M Member ✭✭✭✭
    My register has a solid blue line separating the current date from future dates (you need to have the register sorted by Date). In addition, future transactions that have not been entered are shown in light gray, rather than black font.

    You also have the option of showing the current balance in both the sidebar (click on the three horizontal dots at the top) and showing it in the upper right corner of each register (change by clicking on the drop down).

    Does this help?
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