Quicken 2020 login screen disappears!

Upgraded from Quicken 2017 to 2020 yesterday. When I start it, my data file loads and is quickly overwritten by a login screen, within 1 second, the login screen disappears and leaves a big white window and the system does nothing. The file and help options are available but usually I get a "bugsplat" if I try to use any file commands. Quicken Support could not figure out the problem (3 hours and rebooted and reloaded). Any help?


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    I had similar problems (upgraded from 2017 which worked just fine to 2020 on Monday). Logon screen as mentioned. I could work okay but it would not close and instead I got the bugsplat basically a crash close. Updated to 26.17 today and the bugsplat seems to have gone away (fingers crossed) but the logon remains. There are tons of messages from customers with the logon problem. Quicken person answered and said it was resolved on MArch 2 but that is not the case. Thankfully the screen goes away after a few mins. while you hold your breath and wonder if there is a problem coming Would think that moving from a 3 year to a 1 year subscription (which cost the same as the 3 year) would mean better product?
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    If you haven't rebooted Windows since you installed the latest software update, please do so now and then try Quicken again.

    Still not working?

    Let's try some "Troubleshooting 101" to ensure the Quicken software is installed and updated properly and that your data file is in good working order.
    Please perform all the steps in this document in the order specified:
    Troubleshooting 101 - Fixing Software Installation and Data File Problems

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    Don't know if this is what you are seeing....
    The Data File Password screen, with the Quicken Welcome screen in the background.
    If so, this is a recent bug - the Logon screen will disappear in about 20secs.
    If your situation is different... please add some details.

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    Actually the data file opens (no password), then the Welcome to Quicken login pops up and within 1 second that window becomes all white overlaying most of the Quicken app. I can still see the File and Help tabs and can even click on them and try to open another file...at which point I get a bugsplat message (Quicken 1st and 2nd tier support had no idea what bugsplat was). I had a 2and computer which never had Quicken on it. Installed the new version on it and transferred my data file (via flash drive) and it opened just fine. I am currently reloading Windows 10 (keeping my apps, next step is reload it without keeping my apps).
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    I've been having this problem since mid-last year. Sometimes, I can get logged in fast enough, generally not. I spent over 5 hours with Quicken tech support and they could not fix the problem. The best that could be determined is that the program is having trouble connecting to the internet and thus blanks out. I've tried logging in on multiple different WiFi networks. The problem persists on each. As I see it, the first problem is that one has to keep logging into one's Quicken account. Why cannot the system leave you logged in. The second, and biggest problem, is that when the system cannot connect to quicken, the login screen blanks to white. When white, one cannot enter any data or get rid of it. The software becomes completely unusable. There is something in the program design that creates this "glitch." Please, please, please fix it. I love Quicken and generally use it every day. It has been unusable for me for about 10 or 11 months now. That sucks!
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    Has anyone successfully solved this problem? I've tried all the steps in the "Blank Screen" post, with no success. I have not been able to launch Quicken since they replaced 2017 with the subscription version. I've uninstalled & installed at least four times, tried alternate accounts, tried disconnecting from the web when the sign-on screen pops up (which was ok, except I couldn't then reconnect). I've gotten the bugsplat messages... etc, etc, etc.

    I saw a Support message saying that a 25 Mbps connection is required. I've been a Quicken user for 20 years and I've never had access to anything higher than 6 or 7 Mpbs (and that's on a good day). (Removed-Disruptive)
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    I was only able to fix the problem by reinstalling windows, then installing Quicken, what a PITA!!!
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    > @ps56k said:
    > (Quote)
    > I've never seen anything like that - wonder where you saw that.... so totally wrong -
    > I think we will just ignore that entire comment, and just focus on the "blank screen" or whatever you are seeing - or not seeing -

    Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It is in this help topic:

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    Preaching to the choir? I've been using Quicken 14 years. I too had my annual subscription autodebit on 5/10/20. I usually only do an 'Update' on Sat. mornings so on 5/17 I opened successfully, closed with backup, but then had to go back in again to add some bills. Bills/Income lagged.

     I called Quicken support about the lagging and they said uninstall/reinstall with some new patches. I reluctantly did that and 20+ hours of my time (no exaggeration) with six different Quicken techs, two calls to McAfee antivirus, and a two hour call to Microsoft and it is basically the same problem Rbix and Trini had in the beginning of this post but a spin.

     MY ISSUE; I open adata or backup file, last saved or a file from a month ago and the initial page with accounts on the left loads from 2-4 seconds (the account info and total spending matching my last file) then a white screen replaces it, few seconds later up pops a standard looking request for "Quicken ID and password" then even if you are fast enough to click on it, it goes to the final white screen.

     20+ hours of Mondo patches, of antivirus removal, Windows 10 patches/troubleshooting, 32bit v 64bit questions, QCleanUI and MSIzap, validate files, screen sharing with everyone, "ctrl" double click Quicken icon, "ctrl/shift" double click Quicken icon, ctrl hold, ctrl release, yeah a few 'bugsplats', add a "test" user to my computer startup to run everything, edition questions since I bought "Premier" and "Home, Business, and Rental Property" show, hours in Quicken.com/my account reinstalling, resetting, changed Quicken ID, compatibility checks, and no where.

     I am left with finding someone who will allow me to install Quicken on their computer and run my 3-6 versions of files or go out and buy a $600 computer to run my critical $75/year program. Unfortunately I live in an old folks/55+ community who are already afraid to leave their homes.

     Some Quicken blogs from year ago said the Geek Squad had success on similar problems. That is if I can get into Best Buy with a backlog of at least three days of "appointments only visit to the store" and it will probably cost another $100 to $200 to the Geek Squad to fix my $75/ year program.

     Sorry folks, I am not close to the patience of Job but I am maturing. I actually had one Quicken rep who, like me loves a challenge, who worked to a point where he said he wanted to call someone and call me back the next day which is against Quicken protocol but he was afraid his supervisor would not allow him.

     Thus, I wait for his 5:00PM call until 6:30PM, call Quicken support again and lo and behold I get a new Quicken rep who is not in the same office as Fabian and he cannot find any of the three Ticket Numbers I had written down, thus having to start over at ground zero with a new rep; uninstall Quicken, go to Quicken.com, download Quicken, try to start Quicken, same problem, screenshare and do everything again. At one time, I had six copies of the quicken.exe file and the patches. HELP EVERYONE OUT and get QUICKEN's help desk on board with this as soon as possible. Please.

    (edited for readability)
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    Frank, sorry we have this in common. My solution was to reinstall Windows and that worked. Side benefit was I freed up tons of drive space and all the apps that I did not know what they were...got pitched. I kept my data though and after several hours of work, reinstalled Quicken and everything worked! No idea what was wrong and obviously Quicken tech support is clueless. I do give them kudos for patiently spinning their wheels but I'd have preferred a less painful time consuming upgrade.
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    I finally got in. Here's what I did. I am running Windows 10 Pro, Version 1909, OS Build 18363.836.

    - Open a Command Prompt window as an Administrator
    - Run the Deployment Image Servicing & Management tool with this command line:
    dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

    - Then, for good measure, I went ahead and ran the system file scan tool:
    sfc /scannow

    After those two steps, the Quicken open screen stopped at the sign-in and never went to the White/Blank Screen of Death.

    I hope this works for others having this problem.
  • RBix
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    Looks a lot easier than reloading Windows, glad it worked for you, I wish Quicken tech support would have suggested it.
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