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Best way to correct missing cost basis and incorrect portfolio value history

Hi All!

New Quicken user here and hoping to pick the brains of the more experienced folks. I have one investment account that changed account numbers near the beginning of the year (transferred from individual account to trust account). It seems as though Quicken wasn't able to pull in all of the cost basis information via the online connection. Additionally, my historical value is off by quite a bit.

I am trying to update the cost basis - but it seems I may have to go in and manually add transactions to do so as it won't let me simply "plug it in" with the positions already in the account. My question is, if I go in and manually rebuild the account say from January to today, and then subsequently want it to sync automatically going forward, will all of my efforts be duplicated when I then turn on automatic download again?

Thanks in advance for your help, it is truly appreciated!


  • QCoachQCoach Member ✭✭
    Quicken will not delete any activity that you manually enter. Quicken will only generate basis from transactions not just what's online. I made a video on correcting basis on my youtube channel: QCoach
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