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Unable to use checking account with Quicken Bill Manager

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    RLBEACH Member
    I have been using Bill Pay successfully, but I'm now trying to set up Bill Manager. When I reach the step where I get the "Payment Accounts for Quicken Bill Manager" screen I do not find my bank account listed. I do find other accounts but not my checking account. I can't proceed beyond that point. I've talked to Quicken and to my bank, but they all throw their hands up and say "Sorry, but we can't help you." Has anyone run across this problem?
  • philquick
    philquick Member
    I had a problem with it crashing when I hit the enable button on my one checking account. My fix--made a copy of my file, exported the transactions for only that account (QIF), deleted the account, made a new account, enabled online, downloaded transactions, accepted transactions, deleted all those transactions, then imported the exported transactions. Might want to give it a try. If it doesn't work, you can go back to the original file.
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