Offer the ability to limit the payee list in the mobile app

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  • KLM406
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    I was excited to begin using Quicken Mobile. However, quite "unexcited" when I realized how cluttered the Payee list is on Mobile despite my desktop/online copy being rather clean. Intuit really needs to figure this one out to give the mobile app a higher rating.
  • KLM406 If a payee has been entered in a different way i.e. mcdonald's and mcdonald's restaurant, then you will have two different payees to choose from in the app. the best way to clean things up is to go to the quicken desktop and use the search for i.e. contains mcdonald, choose to see all and correct one of them to read the way you want it. then sync. I discovered this and answered my own question!
  • Dave Ings
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    As noted in the original "A way to edit..." comment, the desktop memorized transaction list is NOT synchronized to the mobile app. For us longtime Quicken users, this is the core problem.

    Why? When adding a transaction in the mobile app, every payee you've ever used is offered as a suggestion in "All Payees", which is next to useless - I keep my memorized list pruned to a few dozen current payees, but I have literally *hundreds* of historical payees. So instead of just picking the payee from a reasonably short list, I have to search for it.

    The most straightforward solution is sync the memorized transaction list from the desktop to mobile (and quite honestly that it doesn't do this already is surprising!)
  • Dave Ings
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    BTW today I noticed a similar limitation exists with categories - when picking a category in the mobile app, all categories are shown, rather than showing the edited category list (i.e. supressing hidden categories) from the desktop.

    P.S. These kind of limitations might be OK (sort of) if the mobile app was standalone in operation. But currently it is not, it's an extension of the desktop app/subscription, and so IMO it should reflect desktop customizations as much as possible.
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