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Discrepancy between screen view of assets and report of asset balance

On my main screen view the net balances of my accounts totals to a different balance than when I generate a report of weekly net assets. The difference is $43 K less on the screen view than in the weekly net asset report? Can somebody explain this?


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The screen snapshot "Net Worth by Assets and Liabilities", (assumed to be what you're referring to), can be customized.  Click the gearwheel and make sure the customization for the snapshot matches the Net Assets report.
  • englehorn
    englehorn Member
    My home screen shows only my accounts and the closing balance for each. I have no liabilities. The weekly net worth report shows the same accounts with the same closing balances, but the total net worth, adding those balances differs from the balance total on my home screen. The same account balances add up differently. The weekly net worth report is $43.8 K more than the home screen using the same numbers.
  • englehorn
    englehorn Member
    P.S. It looks like the Quicken reports feature is finding some assets or monies that do not show up in my accounts list, I have also checked the hidden accounts and it is not there either.
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