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I heard this was the place to enter feature requests, so here it is. I think the solution I am looking for is a new report that contains transactions over a relative time frame from today back a certain number of days/weeks and forward (future transactions) a certain number of days/weeks. The future transactions should be reported separately from the past transactions..

Use Case/User Story - I am using Quicken to help my parents manage their finances. I would like to generate a report of transactions that shows them what happened over the last week (maybe 2 or 3 weeks sometimes) AND over the next 3-4 weeks (or perhaps all future transactions that are entered into a register), so they can make sure credit card and banking transactions match what they did, that income matches their expectations, and that bills will be paid on time.

It is possible to make something like this happen now, but it involves creating a custom transaction report (custom dates) each time, exporting it to Excel, then sorting out past vs future transactions and reformatting into a readable format. Since the number of transactions is variable, automatic formatting of the report in Excel takes a number of manual operations, or VBA could be written to make it "one click" to format. It would be a lot simpler if the report was available directly from Quicken.

One possible alternative is an "all future transactions" report, that show everything queued up in a register from tomorrow on.
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  • Jim_Harman
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    This sounds like a Banking Transaction report with the date range of say 30 days ago to the end of the year.

    If you save a report with the date range of Yearly/Current year then all you have to do is change the start date, which you can do with a few clicks on the calendar. You can select accounts and group by account if you want.

    If you want separate reports of past and future transactions, you could do "Last 30 days" and current year with the start set to today.

    Note these will only pick up transactions that are already in your register, not Reminders.

    Would this meet your needs?

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  • Thanks for the response Jim, and it kind of works but not really because that solution includes all the transactions in the totals, including future transactions. There is also no clear demarcation of when "today" is in the report - you have to look at the report date, then look down the list of dates to know what it past and what is future. I tried it out and it just caused confusion. The better solution seems to be (assuming no changes to Quicken's functions) manually creating a separate report of "future" transactions.

    I appreciate the time and thought!
  • Don Click
    Don Click Member ✭✭
    I believe I have the same request. I like to enter all known/expected future bills for the month and run a report. I just entered a transaction for 9/1/20 and ran a report through 9/2/20, but the report only included transactions through 8/13/20 (the last transaction for this category). Quicken used to have this capability. It also shows up when reconciling - it will only show current and past transactions, it will not include future transactions. Is there a setting in Quicken to allow for including future transactions when reconciling and reports?
  • klhodgkins
    klhodgkins Member ✭✭
    Same request here. Quicken is not a good planning tool without having this report.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Have you looked at the Bills & Income tab / Projected Balances view? Select which accounts to include in the view and the time range, next xx days from today.
    Or, in the Home tab, add the Bills & Income Reminders view to the Home page, select "Show Graph", select which accounts you want to see. Scroll forward or backward to next or prior months.
  • JohnTaylorNY
    JohnTaylorNY Member
    Hi UKR - Appreciate the suggestion. I took a look. I am having a lot of problems with this page rendering, but assuming I am seeing all the key parts, I eventually found the dropdown at the top. It appears you can select one account at a time and see the transactions for that account over the next month. If this is the action you are referring to, it does get the transactions over the next month (but not beyond); however, the problem is that you need to manually select each account to see what transactions will be happening. I suppose one could print each page and manually aggregate the transactions, but that is a lot more work than just manually setting the date range in a regular transaction report.

    If I am missing something (and I could be, the page is pretty messed up), please let me know.
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Both of the views I mentioned have a "Select accounts" field which, in addition to a list of individual account names, gives you a "Multiple Accounts" selection. Click "Multiple Accounts" and make your selection of accounts to view from the popup and you'll get a result similar to what's shown here, in this example from my Test file.

  • Quicken Anja
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    Hello All,

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