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Get me my activation code to allow me to continuing to complete my QBM update.

I have a lot of my Billers already set up but you (support) have gone into my files and really
screwed the deal. I will likely not use the Quick pay function because the BP manager will be
looking for the bill amount but I will already know the amount. The sole purpose should be a quick payment to shorten the time from the payment execution and the due date. Poorly function selection. The Bill Pay program had almost all that is needed to pay bills without
needing to sign into a web page to get a payment. All you need is a mail address that any
payment can be sent by mail or electronically. Nothing else is necessary. This BP Manager
requires a hellava amount of digging and registering to web page and password set up to
make a simple payment. Please add many functions that BP had including repeating
payments and I will be happy. Richardusn


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