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"Enter activation code" is missing under the Help tab

I bought my one-year renewal through Costco and am ready to get it entered into my Q17 Windows version, but the "Enter activation code" is missing under the Help tab. Is that because it's not 4/30/2020 yet?

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  • keerrckeerrc Member
    That makes sense, except the instructions first ask:
    Before activation, which of the following best describes you?
    I'm a new Quicken member
    I'm renewing/changing my current membership
    I'm installing on another computer
    None of these are a good fit. I've been using a nonsubscription-based Q (windows) forever, and do already have a Q ID. What exactly is a "Q member"?
  • keerrckeerrc Member
    So, new "member" = subscription for anyone else who's updating from using Quicken 2017.
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