Moving Transactions from one account to another

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I am working with Windows 10 & Quicken Online (Canadian) build I spent more than 3 hours on phone support trying to resolve two problems to no avail.

Problem 1 is when using a TFSA investment account the MiscExp is not available in the activity window. You must enter something else like ReinvestDividend (RI) and when the larger window pops up change the activity to Miscellaneous Expense. Not the end of the world but a nuisance. I was advised to simply change over to a brokerage account where that problem didn't exist, and copy the transactions from the TFSA account to the new Brokerage account. This caused

Problem 2. When attempting to move the transactions from the TFSA account to the Brokerage account a larger problem arouse. Using the move transaction tool Quicken will remove the transactions from the TFSA account but does not place them in the Brokerage account. No idea where the transactions go but they are removed from the source account. Utilizing a backup is the only way to recover the transactions.

Seems like a coding issue but would appreciate suggestions.

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