Brokerage account: Add new transaction - shows closed accounts, truncates account name

After downloading transactions from a brokerage account, transactions need to be processed to tell quicken what account to transfer money to. The dialog box prompts with a list of accounts that includes all the closed accounts. The drop-down menu also truncates the account name which makes it hard to pick the right one if you have a number of open and closed accounts after 10 years of usage.

If you edit a transaction in a brokerage account, the edit dialog presents a dropdown menu with a list of accounts however closed accounts are not shown in the list. the list still truncates long account names.

Quicken Developers: Please filter closed accounts out of the menu, and make the menu wide enough to handle long account names in both the add and edit dialogs. I believe account names can have around 40 characters in them.

I contacted quicken support via chat and the rep said that the best way to submit this request was to post it to the public help forums.


  • herzogs
    herzogs Member
    Screen shot of the dialog box in question.
  • UKR
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    As a workaround, until someone comes up with an effective method to not show closed accounts in selection lists like the above, how about renaming closed accounts as follows:
    Change the name of the closed account from, e.g., "ABC Checking" to "~ABC Checking".
    The "~"(tilde) character makes the account show at the bottom of the selection list. That makes it less likely for you to select it by mistake.
  • herzogs
    herzogs Member
    Thanks. It seems a little janky to have to do that but I suppose that's better than nothing for the account selection. It doesn't really address the truncation of the account names however.

    Hopefully the developers can put this on their fix-it list.